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Benefits of Gaining Your HR License

Have you been wondering whether you should get your HR license or not? If so, we are going to help you make that decision today. For professional truck drivers, gaining your HR (or Heavy rigid) license is almost always a given. There is no way that one will be legally fit to drive commercial trucks (or any type of heavy-duty vehicle) unless they have the certifications required to do so. However, the decision then becomes a little bit harder to make for those who have no intention of becoming professional truck drivers at any time in the future, but who are looking to join the transportation sector.

If you’re a regular Joe who’s planning on joining and following a career path that’s somewhere inside the transportation industry (but who has no intention of becoming a professional truck driver), you will most likely believe that getting an HR license is a waste of time. However, for most non-professional truck drivers who do get their licenses, they’ll attest to the fact that this is not the case. In this blog, we are going to help you determine whether it would be worth it to get your HR license by talking about some of the key benefits associated with having an HR license.

So let’s get started…

Upskilling Your CV

Aside from becoming a professional truck driver, there are many other career opportunities that circle the transportation sector. These include jobs as maintenance workers, automotive service technicians, mechanics and repair workers. Now an HR license may not initially seem very important for these tasks. However, when it comes to rising through the ranks and gaining promotions that will take you all the way up to the administrative levels, having a valid license will certainly be a CV boost. An active HR license will allow you to diversify and upskill your professional portfolio, which will make you a much more appealing candidate for jobs higher up in the food chain.

Increased Opportunity 

Sometimes, things may not always go as you’d wanted them to when it comes to your career. As such, in moments like these, it’s always good to have a safety net when it comes to potential job opportunities. Obtaining your HR license will provide you with that safety net. Whilst you may have planned to take another role in the transportation industry, having a fallback career that’s as freeing and lucrative as truck driving could never be a bad idea.

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HR Licence

How You Can Easily Get An HR Licence With Highway Truck Driving School

Are you planning to get an HR Licence? Highway Truck Driving School is a great place where you can get your HR Licence. We are reliable, reputable, and have the best prices. We also have a wide variety of time options where you can take your qualification classes and all of our teachers are very competent and will ensure that you understand all the material that you will be tested on.

As far as truck driving is concerned, it is imperative that any driver, once certified, feels competent and confident that they can drive any heavy truck on their own. At Highway Truck Driving School, we ensure that industry standards are met by all our students so that they do not have any problems using their acquired skills after certification. This is why we believe that Highway Truck Driving School is the premier place for people to get their HR Licence. 

We have high safety standards

All of our truck training programs have the highest safety standards in the industry. We emphasise safety because it reduces injuries in the workplace and ensures that public safety is maintained. We achieve this by strictly adhering to work cover standards and regulations. If you train with us, you will have the correct knowledge that you need so that you can drive your truck legally and safely. 

We have the best assessors 

The service that the assessors at Highway Truck Driving School provide is outstanding. Not only are our assessors fully qualified and very experienced, but they are also friendly and approachable. This will help you as a student get a firm grasp on concepts and fully understand all that is required for you to get your HR Licence. At Highway Truck Driving School, we also have a very high pass rate as we ensure that all our students are fully equipped before they are examined. 

We have great reviews 

When it comes to how great the experience we provide is, the proof is in the pudding. We have many past students that have had an awesome experience and left glowing reviews. Our past students commend us on having great trucks for them to practice and have teachers with great aptitude and commitment.  We go out of our way to ensure that each student has a personalised experience and always feels comfortable and welcome when they choose to train with us. 

Now that you know why you must choose Highway Truck Driving School, contact us today and we will be able to help you get your HR Licence in Sydney.