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How To Get An HR Licence In Sydney

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How To Get An HR Licence In Sydney

What is an HR licence? Who needs to get one? What is an HR vehicle? How can one get an HR licence? These are all important questions that we are going to answer in this article. The best way to get started is by commencing lessons with an accredited driving school. This way you can cover the theory and have practical driving lessons. At highway truck driving school We offer all the lessons that you will need for you to get your HR licence. To find out more, read on.

1. What Is an HR Vehicle?

Heavy rigid vehicles are trucks with a gross vehicle mass (GVM) of more than eight tonnes and has three or more axles. If they are towing trailers, each trailer must be less than nine tonnes GVM. Bendy buses are articulated and treated as rigid vehicles.

2. What Are the Requirements for an HR Licence?

For a person to apply for an HR licence they must fulfill the following criteria. They need to have held a class c licence or its equivalent for at least two years. If a person has a P1 licence for a given amount of time this counts but a full class c or a P2 licence is needed for a person to practice to drive an HR vehicle.
On top of all the above stipulations, a person needs to pass the HR knowledge test and also pass an eyesight test. Finally, they need to successfully complete HVCBA or pass a road and maritime driving test.

3. What is the HVCBA?

The HVCBA (heavy vehicle competence based assessment) is a test that the person needs to pass before they are able to get a heavy vehicle licence. It must be done with an accredited Registered Training Organisation. There is the flexibility for each person to choose their own trainer as well as to learn and be assessed in a vehicle of their own choosing.

HR Truck Driving School

4. What type of vehicle can be used for assessment?

You can learn how to drive and be assessed in your own vehicle. It just needs to be roadworthy, registered and be the right type of vehicle for the licence class that you have applied for. For HR licences, The test vehicle must be at least a 3-axle rigid vehicle with a GVM of more than 15 tonnes, excluding bobtail prime mover. Test vehicles must be loaded to at least 75% of the maximum allowable mass.
Now that you know what is required of you, Why not contact us at Highway Truck Driving School today and we will be able to help you get your hr licence in Sydney.

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