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Upgrade from HR to HC & MC Licences

MC vehicles include:

HR vehicles include:

  • B-doubles
  • Prime mover, low loader dolly and low loader trailer combinations
  • Road trains.

Eligibility Requirements

To apply for an MC licence, you must:

  • Have held a Class HR or HC licence or equivalent for at least one year. Any time you?ve spent on a P2 HR licence counts, but you can?t practice to drive an MC vehicle, or upgrade to an MC licence until you hold a full class HR or HC licence
  • Pass an MC knowledge test
  • Pass an eyesight test
  • Successfully complete HVCBA. If you hold an HR licence, you?ll need to pass an HC assessment before you can start MC training
  • Pass a medical examination
Highway truck driving school

Course Contents

  1. Pre-operational Check
  2. Cabin Drills
  3. Start, move off , shut down and secure vehicle
  4. Manage Steering
  5. Manages Gears
  6. Manages Brakes
  7. Manages Accelerator
  8. Create and Maintain Crass Avoidance Space
  9. Protect Crash Avoidance Space
  10. Road Rules and Directions
  11. Reversing
  12. Hill Stop/ Start
  13. Load Securing
  14. Coupling/Uncoupling
  15. Final Competency Based Assessment

RMS accredited, 7 Days a week Training & Assessment


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