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HR Licence Wollongong

We specialise in HR, HC & MC truck licences. LEARN MORE?

Here to help you get your license sooner.

We know that you want to get into your own truck sooner and start driving towards your career now. If you want a professional team of instructors who are experienced in teaching a variety of students how to drive trucks then Highway Truck Driving School can help. With 15 years in the game we know what works and what our students need to succeed and get out on the road faster.
As one of the leaders in our category Highway Truck Driving school are experts at teaching the basics to those new to the business or helping more experienced drivers refresh their skills. We know that your time is valuable, that?s why we provide comprehensive training in a variety of trucks so you can not only pass your test but feel confident in your skills once you get out there driving in the real world.

Courses for every truck type

We understand that not every truck is the same and there are different licences that our clients need for their form of work. Whether you need your HC-Heavy Combination, HR- Heavy Rigid or MC-Multi Combination licence. we have a local Wollongong instructor that can get you on your way now.

Highway Truck Driving School is a reliable trainer and is a fully insured, RMS accredited and qualified driving school. This means that we can offer you great service that you can count on. Our customer service team knows your needs are as individual as the truck you drive and can help you put together a lesson plan that is right for you. Start your journey towards your tucking future with the trusted team at Highway Truck Driving School.

Tuition that can take you places

Your truck licence, HR, HC or MC is not beyond your reach and with our help we can get you started on a plan that will help you pass in no time, and furthermore with our competitive rates there is every reason to contact us. Call us today on 0450 689 589 or email us for more information on admin@highwaytruckdrivingschool.com.au.

Remember we train all Heavy Vehicle Licences:
HR Licence Sydney
– Heavy Rigid Truck Licence
HC Licence Sydney
– Heavy Combination Truck Licence
MC Licence Sydney
– Multi-combination Truck Licence

Looking for a Heavy Truck Licence Upgrade Heavy Vehicle Driver Training in Sydney?


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