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Truck Driver Training Brookvale Can Rely On

With over 15 years of experience in the truck driving industry, you can depend on us to help you get your truck licence whether it’s a MC (Multi Combination), HR (Heavy Rigid) or HC (Heavy Combination) licence.

Our trainers are experienced at their jobs and will help you navigate these heavy machineries in no time. We operate our truck driver training services at the highest standards for Brookvale customers and make sure we adhere to all regulations by the RMS.

You get one-on-one training from our instructors to make sure you are confident and comfortable operating these vehicles. At Highway Truck Driving School, we want to make sure you’re not only a good driver but also a safe one. For your benefit and the benefit of all road users in Brookvale and beyond.

Get Certified with HC, MC or HR Truck Licences

Getting your truck licence opens a world of possibilities in terms of income generation. Whether it’s working for specific companies or doing your own freelance work as a truck driver, or even using Airtasker to help people transport goods the sky’s the limit.
For those of you that don’t like office jobs, this is a great opportunity to work on the road and travel. An Indeed survey shows that Owner-Operator Drivers can make around $33.70 dollars an hour. So, these licences are a worthwhile investment. And when you undertake your truck licence at our school, we will ensure the best practices to give you a competitive edge in Brookvale or even Warriewood, Mona Vale and elsewhere in New South Wales.

Call Brookvale’s Preferred Truck Driving School

We would love to have you start your lessons at our truck driving school to get your MC, HR or HC licences. Give Tony a call on 0450 689 589 or email admin@highwaytruckdrivingschool.com.au and we can help set you up.
Take the first step to what will be an interesting and challenging yet rewarding career experience.

Looking for a Heavy Truck Licence Upgrade Heavy Vehicle Driver Training in Sydney?


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