Common Mistakes New Truck Drivers Make

mistake new truck driver

Trucking is one of the most demanding professions, and it takes a certain level of skill, experience, and dedication to succeed in this industry. However, for new truck drivers, the road to success can be full of challenges and obstacles, and there are many common mistakes that can derail their careers before they even get started.

In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the most common mistakes new truck drivers make and how you can avoid them. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re an experienced driver looking to refresh your skills, these tips will help you stay safe on the road and build a successful career as a truck driver.

  • Not Checking the Vehicle

One of the most common mistakes new truck drivers make is failing to conduct a thorough pre-trip inspection before hitting the road. A pre-trip inspection involves checking the tires, brakes, lights, mirrors, and other critical components of the vehicle to ensure that it’s safe to operate. Neglecting this step can lead to accidents, breakdowns, and costly repairs, not to mention the risk of injury or death.

To avoid this mistake, take the time to inspect your vehicle before every trip. Use a checklist to ensure that you don’t miss anything, and report any issues or defects to your supervisor immediately.

  • Not Planning Your Route

Another common mistake new truck drivers make is failing to plan their routes ahead of time. Without a clear plan, you may find yourself lost, stuck in traffic, or facing other unexpected obstacles that can delay your delivery and increase your stress levels.

To avoid this mistake, use a GPS or map to plan your route before you hit the road. Take note of any potential hazards or construction zones, and factor in extra time for rest breaks, fuel stops, and other necessary tasks.

  • Not Securing the Load

A poorly secured load can shift during transit, causing accidents, damage to the cargo, and even fatalities. New drivers may overlook the importance of properly securing their load, leading to serious consequences.

To avoid this mistake, ensure that your cargo is properly secured using appropriate restraints, padding, and support. Always follow the correct loading and unloading procedures, and double-check that everything is secure before hitting the road.

  • Not Communicating with Others

Communication is key in the trucking industry. New drivers may not yet fully understand the importance of good communication, which can lead to misunderstandings and dangerous situations.

To avoid this mistake, be sure to communicate clearly and effectively with dispatchers, other drivers, and anyone else involved in your work. Use proper radio communication protocols, and always keep your cell phone in your cab in case of emergencies.

  • Not Taking Care of Yourself

Truck driving can be a demanding and exhausting profession, and new drivers may neglect their health and well-being as a result. Neglecting to take care of yourself can lead to fatigue, stress, and other health issues, which can impair your driving ability.

To avoid this mistake, prioritize self-care by getting plenty of rest, eating a healthy diet, and staying hydrated. Take regular breaks to stretch and move around, and practice good posture and ergonomics to prevent injury and discomfort.


Truck driving is a challenging and rewarding profession that requires skill, dedication, and a commitment to safety. By avoiding these common mistakes, you can build a successful career as a truck driver and enjoy the freedom of the open road. Remember to always prioritize safety, plan ahead, communicate effectively, and take care of yourself, and you’ll be on your way to a long and successful career in trucking.