TLIF0005 & TLIF0006 Fatigue Management

Fatigue Management

Fatigue is among the common causes of heavy vehicle accidents in Australia and it is very important to manage fatigue as an individual that operates, drives, or supervises heavy vehicles.

This is why Highway Truck Driving School is offering training courses about Fatigue Risk Management that will educate you on the skills needed to administer the implementation of a fatigue risk management system. The program will focus on providing the necessary training on the application of the regulations of fatigue management while working with heavy machinery.

Over the course of the training, fatigue management strategies including driving safety procedures, health management tips, and lifestyle tips will be discussed and applied.

What will you learn in TLIF0005 & TLIF0006?

  • Identify and manage warning signs of fatigue
  • Develop and implement fatigue management strategies and procedures
  • Minimise risk of fatigue by applying strategies in accordance with workplace procedures
  • Set up driving schedules and plan work and rest hours to minimise fatigue
  • Identify breaches of fatigue management regulations and procedures
  • Assess employees’ compliance with the fatigue management system
  • Update and maintain records of heavy vehicle trips
  • Provide a detailed report and feedback to staff about fatigue management regulations.

Who is this course suitable for?

This course is suited for individuals associated with heavy machinery operation and working under Basic Fatigue Management (BFM) or Advanced Fatigue Management (AFM) schemes.

Transport Drivers, Loaders / Unloaders, Schedulers, Transport supervisors/managers, and Warehouse supervisors/managers can undergo this course and learn the essential compliance information needed in fatigue management.

What are the entry requirements?

There are no formal entry requirements needed for this course, but learners willing to undergo this training must fulfill the following licence, professional, and health conditions:

  • Learners must have the basic language and literacy needed at this level. A LLN competency assessment is offered pre-enrollment for individuals that need support in this regard.
  • Learners must provide acceptable proof of identity
  • Learners must pay the appropriate fee
  • The Applicant must have a current Australian Driver Licence and is recognisably the person depicted on the licence
  • The Applicant is not in contravention of any licence condition

How is the course delivered?

  • self-paced in-home learning
  • Face-to-face training and in-car assessment
  • Classroom-based training
  • Other modes of learning like face to face, online, and practical simulation

What is the duration of the course?

TLIF0005 : 1 day

TLIF0006 : 1 day

What are the qualification pathways?

Learners of TLI – Transport and Logistics Training Package can make use of this program to complement their training.

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