How to Get an MC Truck Driving License in Australia

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As a truck driver in Sydney, having an MC driving license can be an invaluable tool. It will give you that competitive edge that you’ll require to secure high-paying gigs or permanent positions within some of the largest transportation companies in Australia. Because of this, if you’re a truck driving trainee or a licensed driver who only has his or her HR (Heavy Rigid) certification, you may be wondering what it would take to secure your MC license.

As one of the country’s premier truck driving schools, we understand just how important it is for drivers to hold an MC license. As such, we’re going to take a deep dive into this top in this blog, and talk about how you can obtain your MC license in Australia, as well as all the requirements and specified criteria that you’ll have to meet before you can submit a valid application.

What is an MC Driver’s Licence?

Before we can get started with this, however, you may be wondering what an MC Driver’s license actually is. If so, we’re going, to begin with, a quick and simple definition.

An MC Driver’s license (which is short for Multi Combination Heavy Vehicle license) is a type of truck driving certification that authorizes someone to drive trucks with more than one trailer. With this type of license, you’ll be legally accredited to drive any combination unit that toes more than two trucks and that has a GVM (Gross Vehicle Mass) of more than 9000kg, which will make you a fine recruit for large companies that transport massive volumes of goods at a time.

MC Driver’s Licence Requirements

Now that you know what an MC truck driving license is, and understand why it’s so valuable, it’s time to get into the juicy section. Below, we are going to talk about how a truck driver or trainee would go about securing their MC license, as well as cover some of the most important requirements you’ll need to meet in order to be eligible for this certification.

To start with, an MC license can only be applied for and attained by licensed truck drivers who’ve either already got their HR (Heavy Rigid) licenses, or their HC (Heavy Combination) license. These drivers would then need to apply for their MC license then complete their MC assessment according to the NSW rules.

However, there are a few eligibility requirements that must be met before a driver is fit to pursue their MC license. These include the fact that the participant:

  • Must hold a valid HR license that’s been active for at least 12 months
  • Must be proficient in both the use of manual and automatic transmission
  • Must have passed their MC knowledge test and obtained a CBA learner logbook
  • And must have passed the medical examination

If you fit all of these criteria, you’ll be well on your way when it comes to securing your MC license.

At Highway Truck Driving School, we enjoy helping truck drivers and trainees from all over the country reach their full potential. Give us a ring if you have any more questions on this topic, or if you’d like to become a part of one of the greatest truck driving schools in Sydney.